Pick Up

Futsal Society prides itself on playing an organized, competitive, and respectful brand of futsal. We play futsal because we love the game. Pick Up is soccer in its purest form. You play to have fun. All you need is a ball & players. Everyone is welcome to play. We could care less about age, gender, skill level, religion, color of your skin. 

Games are 7 min. 5-on-5. First to 2 goals wins. Winner stays. 



Whittier Community Center. 6:30-9pm. $5

We play every Thursday at Whittier Community Center. We average between 20-25 players per night. $4 of admission goes to the Minneapolis Park Board. $1 goes to a Futsal Society sponsored project for the Center:  25 sets of backpacks/school supplies donated, 50 warm hats/gloves & 10 winter coats donated. Whittier is our home-court. 

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YWCA Minneapolis Midtown. 9-11pm. $5

We play every Friday at the YWCA in Midtown off E Lake St & Hiawatha Ave. We average between 20-25 players per night. $5 goes towards covering rental expenses and the remainder goes to Futsal Society. 


Looking for more futsal besides just Thursdays & Fridays? We'll help you make it happen. Hit us up and let us know more:

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