our mission

Futsal Society provides competitive futsal [accessible soccer] to kids and families who have all the passion for the sport, but limited financial backing.



Futsal Society was established in the Summer of 2016 in South Minneapolis. We originated as a group of great friends playing pick-up futsal at Whittier Community Center. We saw the chance to organize ourselves based on our love for the game & strong feeling to help our community. We host pick-up, training, leagues, tournaments and other events at little or no cost, in accessible neighborhood locations. We are inclusive and serve a diverse demographic that is underrepresented in our society. We provide accessible, high quality futsal [accessible soccer] experiences for people that often are overlooked.

Futsal Society aims to address inequity. Socioeconomic and racial disparities are rampant within youth sports. It is a $15.3 billion industry in the US. Aspen Institute’s Sports and Society program declared household wealth as the primary driver of kids’ athletic participation in the United States. Compared to peers whose families make more than $100,000, children ages 6-12 whose family income is under $25,000 are nearly three times as likely to be “inactive” - meaning they played no sport throughout the year.

It should come as no surprise that families of color are disproportionately represented among those families that are “inactive.” According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, those families with incomes lower than $25,000 are 92% people of color and 8% white. These children are missing out on regular exercise, better grades in school, and improved mental and physical health. Just as important, they often are denied opportunities for lessons in discipline, teamwork, problem-solving, resilience and healthy lifestyle habits. It is unjust to deny access to kids who possess a passion for a sport, simply due to their families’ low socioeconomic status or the color of their skin.

futsal = accessible soccer

When considering the more specific case of US Youth Soccer, the same patterns of income inequality and racial inequality are present. With 3.2 million participants, US Youth Soccer is the country’s largest youth sports organization. Aspen Institute’s Sports and Society program reports that 54% of participating households in the organization report an annual income of $75,000. Conveniently, US Youth Soccer has no mission nor formal policy addressing diversity, discrimination or inclusion. The route of this disparity among participants is a lack of accessible services for low-income people of color. There is a two-tiered system of youth soccer-- one in which youth from wealthy families play on pricey, private club teams, while the less well-off often are limited to uncompetitive, disorganized community programing. According to CBS Minnesota WCCO, locally, the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board offers fundamental soccer for youth ages 8-18, for under $100 per participant, while private soccer clubs offer higher level soccer for ages 8-18, costing in the range of $1,000 - $4,000 per participant. High school soccer typically offers a more affordable, seasonal option for older aged youth, 14-18 years, however school budgets are shrinking and increasingly placing less and less of a priority upon sports and physical education.

Many lower/middle class families are being priced out of any other opportunities to play, because private clubs charge thousands of dollars for the “elite” club experience. There is no middle alternative.

Futsal Society provides more accessible soccer in the form of futsal. We partner with Minneapolis Parks & Rec and YWCA Minneapolis Sports Center. As a result, we have an initial established network of partnerships which enables us to offer accessible and quality adult coaching and mentorship for kids who eat, sleep, and breathe soccer, but lack the financial backing. October - May we provide drop-in programming at little to zero cost, without sacrificing quality coaching and mentorship.

Thursdays 6:30pm-9:00pm

Open Futsal @Whittier Rec Center

Fridays 9:00pm-11:00pm

Open Futsal @YWCA - Midtown

Saturdays 4:00pm-8:00pm

Whitter Park Futsal League (High School - U18)

@Whittier Rec Center

Sundays 9:00am-3:30pm

Adult 9-11am

U12 11-12:30pm

U15 12:30-2pm

U18 2-3:30pm

@Whittier Rec Center

*The cost is $5 per person to participate in our drop-in programming, but we also offer financial aid. Kids can expect to be coached by diverse, well-rounded young adult mentors who are active in the Twin Cities’ soccer community. These adults are youth/high school coaches, as well as, teachers, doctors and policy makers. These adults also encourage participation and involvement in areas of life outside of soccer and promote healthy living. This results in a high level experience and access for kids who deserve and benefit from these offerings- high quality soccer and coaching, positive relationships and community building, and meaningful mentorship.

our badge


This is the official badge of Futsal Society.

The compass needle points down to represent the club's beginnings in South Minneapolis at whittier rec center.

The 5 vertical black stripes represent the 5 city lakes (Cedar, Isles, bde maka ska, Harriet, Nokomis).

Green & Blue represent the public parks of the Twin Cities metro.  


past/current Partners

Minneapolis Parks & Rec / Minneapolis Public Schools / US Soccer Foundation / Spam FC / Like a Girl / Monarch FC / TC Sol Futsal Academy / The Sanneh Foundation / MN United FC / Dark Clouds Supporters Group / Minneapolis City SC / Talisman & Co. / Tickets for Kids

Various local businesses [Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Wander North Distillery, Sisyphus Brewing, The Nomad, Broders Cucina Italiana, Blacksheep Pizza, Nightingale, French Meadow, Common Roots Cafe, MIlkjam Creamery, Morrissey’s Irish Bar, Underground Food Collective]