our mission

Futsal Society's mission is simple: play futsal, have fun, and give back to our community.


our logo


This is the official badge of Futsal Society.

The compass needle points down to represent the club's beginnings in South Minneapolis.

The 5 vertical stripes represent the 5 city lakes (Cedar, Isles, Calhoun, Harriet, Nokomis).

Green & Blue represent the parks of the Twin Cities Area.  



Futsal Society was established in the Summer of 2016 in South Minneapolis. We originated as a group of great friends playing pick-up futsal at Whittier Community Center. We saw the chance to organize ourselves based on our love for the game & strong feeling to help our community. We raise money by organizing futsal games and hosting events to help support other non-profits and charities based in the Twin Cities.



We are looking to promote futsal and integrate the game into our soccer culture not only here in the Twin Cities, but the entire United States. Futsal is a game that forces you to be creative & technical as a player. It forces you to think quickly and enhances your soccer intelligence. We aim to:

- Build community & promote futsal

- Build the 1st Public Futsal Court of its kind in the Twin Cities

- Build Community Center with futsal specific court



Minneapolis Parks & Rec

Minneapolis Public Schools (Whittier International School, Lucy Laney Community School, Anwatin Middle School Beacons Program)

US Soccer Foundation

The Sanneh Foundation

MN United FC

Dark Clouds Supporters Group

Minneapolis City SC

Talisman & Co.

Braemar Arena

Morrissey's Irish Bar

Underground Food Collective (Madison, WI)

Various Restaurants/Bars [Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Wander North Distillery, Sisyphus Brewing, The Nomad, Broders Cucina Italiana, Blacksheep Pizza, Nightingale, French Meadow, Common Roots Cafe, MIlkjam Creamery]